Our very 1st Edition: Sarawak Invincible Memory! Limited Edition

Sarawak Premier League Champion T-Shirt 
(Code: HH001) 

Price Tag: RM35 only

Sarawak recorded a 22 match unbeaten in Premier League 2013! 10 straight games win! Crowned as champion with 1 game left!

Limited edition! Book now!

Whatsapp or sms me at 019-8884452 with your details for booking purpose:
1. Full name
2. Email
3. Handphone
4. Tshirt Code Number & Size
5. Location

Front View
Back View

Ex Sarawak U-14 right winger. I stopped playing football because I’d done as much as I could. I needed something which was going to excite me as much as football had excited me.

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