Sarawak 0-1 Melaka United : Player Ratings

Sarawak slumped to second defeat at home against Melaka United at as some poor individual performances made the loss more difficult to take.

Sarawak 0-1 Melaka United

MSL Stadium Negri, Kuching
February 18, 2017

Goals: Jeon Woo Young, 13th Min

Shahril Sa’ari – 7 

He was let down by his defence as he couldn’t prevent the opponent striker from opening the scoring.

Punched a corner clear with authority in the first half when he also had plenty of catches to make, and balls to clear.

Wasn’t troubled as much in the second period but still did a good job sweeping up behind his flailing defence.

Dzulazlan Ibrahim – 6.5

As the team’s provider of width on the right he needed to be on top of his game.

It was an extra responsibility for Addo who can normally get away with merely being solid, but here he had to produce in the attacking third and he failed to do so.

Also struggled defensively on occasions, but wasn’t helped by the centre-backs inside him, and you can’t pin the blame solely on him for the goal.

Mazwandi – 6.5

Very pro-active, and was often too proactive as he left the man or area he should be marking to challenge elsewhere. David Usop need to start urge his full back to support during attacking as our strikers are outnumbered during attacking!

Demerson – 7

In previous games he had been making a case to be the best partner for Ronny Harun. Beside the only goal, seldom been tested by the opponent side.

Ronny Harun – 7

Playing well in defence with Demerson. Can’t do much as he did his work tidy for this game.

Lee Jong Ho – 5

Looked like a midfielder playing out of position again. Also appears not to be 100% fit.

Had no idea where Jeon Woo Young was when the midfielder almost doubled his side’s lead before half time.

Was sloppy in attack too, and when he did get into dangerous positions out wide on the left he was too predictable. A yard, or more, off the pace.

Shreen Tambi – 6

On this showing he might have been better in the midfield — he certainly couldn’t have been worse than the players who were there — and it would have reduced the chances of him being turned, as he is so easily by opposition players.

Manage to get few golden chance in front goal but wasted the chance with shot off target.

Tommy Mawat – 6.5 

Was playing at his best with good attacking play, nice pace but number of times his cross not connected well with the strikers.

His second half had the fewest touches.

Nur Shamie Iszuan – 6

One of the players responsible for finding a way through a packed Melaka United defence, and was the only one who managed to do so in the first half.

His chipped pass found Mateo in the box, which led to Shreen’s chance. Desperately out of form at present.

Mateo Roskam – 6

Had a left-footed effort saved by Melaka United early on.

At his best Mateo is the complete forward, filling every role from target-man to poacher, but here he couldn’t find any role to excel in.

Showed the usual hard work in defence, but his failure to keep the ball in play when in a dangerous area in the first half summed his game up.

Mark Hartmann – 6

Didn’t get any service whatsoever in the first half, and only saw anything of the ball when he dropped into midfield to pick it up himself.

Had more of the ball in the second but was frustrated as he regularly lost the ball, usually falling down and appealing in vain for a free-kick or penalty in the process.


Aliff (on for Lee Jong Ho 80′) – 5

Couldn’t make an impact on the game in the few chances he had to do so. Lack of experience where still did not know where and how to hold ball.


Head Coach

David Usop – 5

David Usop picked a team which few will have had problems with given the players not yet fit after injury, and those still out.

However, his narrow formation with Mateo and Mark as the attacker, where Shamie and Tommy did not have any option to deliver cross (upfront 2 against 5 Melaka defender).

The rebound ball cleared by defends also show that our midfielder not in good position to take advantage of loose ball.

The midfield often appeared to be in each other’s way when really they should have been stretching the defence across the pitch.

Changed to a back three later in the game, which meant there were two forwards, but the changes were too late and seemed more like experiments than solutions.

Bring in Aliff an inexperience player while trailing to opponent is not a smart move. Decision making is still poor, several time making a mistake that cost us poor delivery to attackers.

We have specialist free kick taker – but seems like David did not know how to capitalize the advante of having Mark on his side..

Ex Sarawak U-14 right winger. I stopped playing football because I’d done as much as I could. I needed something which was going to excite me as much as football had excited me.

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