Match Report:Sarawak U21 (0-1 )Felda Utd U21

Presiden Cup 2017
Match Report & Analysis:
Sarawak slump to a defeat in this afternoon opening match against Felda United by a solitary goal.

By: Matop SSB

New coach, S Veloo opted with a 4-3-3 lineup with Philip in goal, centrebacks Syazwan and Hidayat, fullback Jimmy on the right and and Kaloi at leftback. The midfield trio consisted of Abdul Rahman, Capt Noorazizi and Abg Firman. The front 3 were Amirul Shafizan, Azman Chuchu and Albymustaffa.

Despite several attempt at the Felda goal, the team failed to beat the opponent goalkeeper. The attacks were mostly concentrated from the wings with both Alby and Azman doing their best to send crosses for Amirul in the front. The midfield was controlled by Abg Firman as DM, well supported by Rahman and Azizi. Alby was the most outstanding player with his darting runs on the wings.But the score remains goaless until the half time whistle.

Sarawak continued to make attacking runs at Felda in the second half. Felda managed to absorb all the Sarawak attack and created a number of chances themselves. Philip was kept busy making 6 saves from the Felda forwards. Coach Veloo made several changes by bringing in Alif and Eric for Azman and Amirul to bloster the forward line. But it was Felda who scored through Danial Amir beating Philip with a grounder. Try as they might, the home failed to equalise as they began to lose momentum and lacking in fitness. Syazwan was also substituted after an injury force him to be replaced by Yunus. Abg Firman was push back at centerback and Yunus taking his place in midfield. Final score Sarawak 0 Felda 1

Match stats:
1. Shot at goal: on target (3), off target(6)
2. Corners: 4(for), 4(against)
3. Freekick against: 15
4. Yellow cards: 2(syazwan & azizi)
5. Best player: Albymusfaffa

Match Analysis:
Analysis 1st half:
1. No proper pattern of play.
2. Central defenders are not controlling the high balls. Lack coordination at times.
3. Fullbacks are not making overlapping runs.
4. The 2 attacking midfielders, Rahman & Azizi not finding space & slow to support attack when wingers are attacking.
5. Shafizan is losing most of the aerial balls. He is not pressing the opponent defence enough.
6. Azman is either positioning too high or too slow to track back when under attack.
7. Shots at goal : 3 on target, off target 3
8. Too many wasted freekicks.

2nd half Analysis:
1. More penetrating runs from wingers. But fwds are slow to take chances.
2. Defender were more alert to opponents attacks.
3. Fullbacks are still reluctant to overlap & assist attacks.
4. Goalkeeper is suspect when handling highballs. Prefer to punch instead of catching. But his reflect saves were admirable. Made 6 outstanding saves. But his kicking is terrible, mostly to opponents instead of teamates.
5. Azizi is slow to release the ball when pressured.
6. Wingers are slow to cross ball to the middle, preferring to overdribble at times.
7. As mentioned by coach, tail end of game, players lose momentum & lack of concentration leads to Felda scoring solitary goal.
8. Needs to improve in defending corners

Players Ratings:
1- Philip Pengiran (7) – made 9 saves throughout the match. Had a good game but his kicking is poor, mostly towards opponents instead of his teamates. He is also suspect when handling high balls prefering to punch instead of catching the ball.
23- Jimmy Raymond(6)- had a fair game. Supports his centerbacks well covering on the right. His ability to make long throws is a plus point. However, lacking to supports attacks, rarely overlapping. Also needs to improve on his passing.
3- Awg Iskandar(6)- one of the senior players in the team. However, a bit defensive in his play, reluctant to overlap and support the wingers. Often beaten by the Felda wingers, some misstime tackles lead to unneccesary fouls on the left.
5- Hidayat(6) -A major surprise when fielded as centerback partner with Syazwan. Normally play as fullback, which shows when both centreback often uncoordinated. Mostly beaten by highballs. Clearance is suspect. Needs to control his temper as well. Unneccessary arguing with opponents. Lucky not to be carded.
24- Syazwan Busrah(6) -A newcomer to the team having been promoted from last year youth team. Initially struggled to control the defence line but managed to recover as the game progress. Sometimes misstime his tackles and headers. Was replaced late in the second half after injuring himself after clearing the ball.
25- Abg Firman(7) -adapted well in his new role as defensive midfielder. Managed to deflect most of the Felda attacks with his strong and robbust play in the middle. Covers his centerbacks well. Also good at ball distribution. Was push back at defence when Syazwan was replaced late in the second half. However fell injured a number of times due to his hard play.
6- Abdul Rahman (6) – overall had a quiet game to his standards. Another newcomer from the youth team. Looks out of depth at times. Should improve on his attacking play.
7-Noorazizi Ramlee(5)- Capt of the team but the most dissappointing player. Unable to contribute much, at times slow to release the ball. Failed to stamp his authority in midfield. Slow to assist Amirul upfront when attacking.
14-Albymustaffa(8)- the most impressive player today. His penetrating runs created havoc to Felda defence. Often creating openings in the attacking line but lacks support from Amirul, Azman and later Eric and Alif. Almost score with a header in yhe second half. Should be a player to watch in future matches.
19- Azman Chuchu(5)- another player who had a poor match. A number of through ball but failed to make the final cross. One shot at goal. Was replaced in the secondhalf by Alif.
11-Amirul Shafizan(5)- another player from the youth team. At times appear lost, especially in aerial duels. Not enough pressing to the felda defenders. Failed to connect to the crosses made by Alby and Azman. Prefered the ball to his feet instead.

16- Alif(5)
9-Eric Lanjap(5)
4- Yunus(4)

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