Rivaldo The Outstanding Performer !

Piala Belia 2017-MD1
Sarawak vs Terengganu

Match Report & Analysis

Match Report:
Sarawak and Terengganu played to a goalless draw under the scorching hot sun this afternoon at the State Stadium. Despite controlling most of the match, the home team failed to capitalised on the numerous chances and score the winning goal.

Sarawak started with a 4-3-3 formation with Shaiful Wazizi in goal, fullbacks Stevenson and Badrul, centerbacks Haziq and Rivaldo. Last season best player, Sulaiman partnered Awang Syahriman and Firdaus at central midfield with on the flanks. The 3 strikers were Wan Badzreen, Azafarezal and Adif.

Both teams started cautiously trying their best to create chances to score. The game was mostly concentrated in midfield. The game was more opened in the second half as both sides made numerous raids at each other goal. The Sarawak defence lead by MOTM Rivaldo stood well against the pacy and skillfull visitors. The home also had a couple of opportunities to score but lack of composure in front of goal let them down. Fulltime Sarawak 0 Terengganu 0

Match Analysis:
1. Shots at goal : on target(5), off target(5)
2. Corners: For(6);against(2)
3. Freekicks: Won(9);against(16)
4. Yellow cards: 1 (Badzreen)
5. The defenders especially Rivaldo and Haziq was very composed and strong in their tackles. Both players combine well by covering the defensive line.
6. The midfield lacks cohesion. Often losing the ball when pressured. For most of the match, nobody was holding the ball, preferring to release to teammatess adding unnecessary pressure and eventually losing it, lacking creativity at times passing aimlessly upfront.
7. The frontline are not creating space when the midfield won the ball. They are either too far up when asking the ball or heavily mark by the opponent defenders.
8. Losing the ball when under pressured by Terengganu defence. Badzreen was the main culprit, a couple of times he lacks confident to beat his opponent.
9. When attacking, the players are mostly ball watching, thereby the player with the ball will eventually lose the ball under pressure by opponents.
10. Midfield are also losing most of the aerial ball. Sulaiman despite his height was often beaten in the air.
11. The players also tend to over dribble and slow to pass the ball to a teammate and eventually lose the ball.
12. The fullbacks are not making overlapping runs to support the attacks.
13. The players tend to give unnecessary fouls, 16 for the whole match.
14. Except for the defenders, the rest of the players lacks composure when having the ball, prefering to release the ball early, without looking where an open teamate is.
15. There was also not enough pressing when the ball is with their opponents.

Players Ratings:

  • 20- GK Shaiful Wazizi (6)- Hardly tested but managed to make 2 good saves. Confident in handling high balls and commanding his defenders.
  • 8-Rivaldo (8) – outstanding player, very compose on & off the ball. Solid at the back, often cutting the through balls by the Terengganu forwards. A player to watch.
  • 21- Haziq Rahimi (7)- another player who performed well combining with Rivaldo to cut off the Terengganu attacks. Covers his fullbacks when under seige.
  • 18- Stevenson (6)- right back, combined well with the rest his fellow defenders but he seldoms assist in the attacks prefering to stay back instead.He also tends to give unneccessary freekicks to the opponents.
  • 24- Badrul Hisham (6)- leftback. Good with long throws but as was Stevenson, lacking overlapping runs to assist the forwards.
  • 25- Sulaiman (5) – most disappointing player. He was the best player last season but he struggle to stamp his authority today. Tends to lose out on 50/50 balls. He went off injured in the 2nd half and was replaced by Henry.
  • 4- Awang Syarizan (7)- he played poorly in the first half but performed better in the later stages of the match. Lacking height but seems determine in his tackles. He looks good in intercepting the ball but his ball distribution was poor. He needs to improve on his passing and off the ball movement.
  • 15- Firdaus (5) -almost invisible throughout the match. Lacks composure on the ball. Drifting in and out as he struggled to contain the Terengganu midfielders.
  • 23-Azafarezal Harun- (4) as a senior player, he was poor. Poor ball control. Playing on the left, he failed to beat his opponent for most of the first half and was replaced before halftime.
  • 9- Adif (6) – played on the right side and later move to the middle after Badzreen was replaced. Although very fast, tends to lose out under pressure. When he succeed in beating the fullback, his pass was poor and weak. But he performed better as he move as central striker. Needs to improve on his shooting and running off the ball.
  • 7- Wan Badzreen (5) – another disappointment. Even Though he shows some skillful footworks, he seems to lack composure when having the ball. A couple of times, he failed to hold the ball when under pressure. Despite that, he managed to make 3 shots at goal. His temperament is also suspect when he appear to reteliated when tackled and was branded the sole yellow card by the ref.

19- Henry (5)- replaced Azafarezal late in the first half. Not much contribution to the forwardline but fast on the break.
2- Rudy Racha(6)- his big built is a plus factor. Came in for Sulaiman in the second half. Strong with his tackles and use his body well to tighthen the midfield.
14- Amir Amri(-) came in as a forward at later stages of the match.

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