Sarawak U23 players rating

Presiden Cup 2017-MD3
Sarawak vs Penang
Players Ratings and Performance:
1-Philip(5), made 3 saves throughout the match but was not fully tested. His kicking was poor, mostly to opponents or out of play. His positioning during the last freekick was also poor as Penang scored a late equaliser.
23- Jimmy(7)- despite a poor first half, improved tremendously in the second with some stout defending. Was injured a few times and ended with a bloody nose.
22- Bonai(8)-His experience really shows. He was cool and composed at the back, winning the aerial balls and good body shielding. Even managed to make an attempt at goal. Earn an unwarranted yellow card for a soft tackle in the first half. MOTM
5- Hidayat(7) – having an experience and compose partner gave him more confident. Played well at the back to twart the Penang attack. Maintained his discipline the entire match.
3-Awg Iskandar(4)-Despite having vast experience had a poor match overall. Nervous first half display, often lose marking and slow in tackles. Passing often wayward. His foul late in the game was unneccessary as Bonai had the ball covered. Needs to improve his game.
25- Abg Firman(6)-Another player who had a poor first half. He was struggling to win the ball as his fellow midfielders Yunus and Masaad was not covering him. They were either too far off or just ball watching. Did better in the second half after coach veloo decided to bring in Rahman in place of Masaad. Received a yellow in 2nd half.
15-Masaad(5)-was surprised oto be substituted early in the 37th minute. Tried his best to make attacking runs at the Penang goal but was frustrated by the opponent defenders. One missed attempt at goal.
4- Yunus(6)-had a favourable performance as AM in midfield. Was quick in tackles and continous pressing against the Penang players. Another player who got a yellow card. Was eventually replaced by Fazarul after getting injured in the 2nd half.
7-Azizi(6)-maybe not suited as capt as the pressure of an added reponsibility clearly affected his performance. Despite his efforts, was often seen struggling to hold the ball. Had a lonely time upfront. Another player who despite his experience in the national youth team failed to make any significant contribution to the team. Only 2 shots at goal(1 saved, 1miss). Also received a yellow card.
16-Alif(6)- Could have been the hero of the match with his solitary goal. A beautiful first time grounder on the left which beats the Penang keeper. Had some spirited display especially in the first half. Was injured in the 70th and replaced by Firdaus. 2 shots at goal.
14-Alby(7)- consistent display on the right. Good dribbling skills. Only let down is his inability to make the final pass after beating his opponents. It was his cross which leads to the goal by Alif. Another good performance

6- Rahman (7)- cool display in midfield after coming in for Masaad late in the first half. Supported Firman well with his good pressing game and short passes. 2 shots at goal.
13-Fazarul(6)- had a considerably good game after replacing Yunus. Was energetic in going forwards, trying his best to create havoc at the Penang defenders.
12- Firdaus(-) replaced Alif. Did his best to harass the Penang defence but had to help the defence ,hard press by the visitors late in the game.

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