Isu Bonai: Demerson buat luahan terbuka

Bekas pemain Sarawak, Demerson telah memberikan komen di posting page Facebook Shoot Sampei Bisak di posting Isu perpindahan Bonai ke PKNS Selangor. Berikut adalah luahan Demerson:

I need to say a few things, after Mr Razali Dolhan says that Bonai is not a professional.

  • Bonai has left because with this management he has no way to work, they don’t pay the right salaries, they have to pay two wages to the players, they don’t respect the players, they respect no one, they always speak lies, they promise and they don’t comply.
  • This is not professional football. They need to be more professional and do the right things. Sarawak is a great club, Sarawak has fans in love, Sarawak has a huge crowd, Sarawak does not deserve what they are doing.
  • I waited long to say this, but now I will speak, I didn’t go away to my country because they didn’t fulfill what they promised me, they seem to think football is a joke, football is my life, my family and my children depend on football.
  • I have a daughter who lives in Brazil, and I never stayed for more than a year without seeing her, and because of them I can only be with her at the end of next year. They play with people as if we were nothing.
  • I came to the Sarawak, did my best every day, and received in exchange for this management only lies, unfulfilled promises.
  • All fans, players, coaches deserve the best because they really are all sensational. I hope they think about the bad things they are doing and start doing the right things because Sarawak deserve the best. Always Ngap Sayot

Ex Sarawak U-14 right winger. I stopped playing football because I’d done as much as I could. I needed something which was going to excite me as much as football had excited me.

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