What Now For Malaysia

What Now For Malaysia

March 31, 2018 0 By admin

Congratulations to the Philippines on their qualification for the Asian Cup.

Read that again. The Philippines are in the Asian Cup.

Malaysia’s continued failure over the past 12 months lumped together with the resignation of TMJ as FAM’s President represents a nadir in what has been a difficult period in Malaysian football. More difficult than it has been for the past three decades.

Barring the exquisite infrastructure and professionalism of JDT, Malaysian football is indeed in the doldrums.

As bad as the national team is, the national stadium had 10,000 paying spectators for the friendly against Mongolia.

That draw against amateurs has been a culmination of what is wrong with the Malaysian team who seem to be a ragtag of selection fixtures and the odd “young hopeful” who will over the next 5 years be burdened with the nations hopes on his shoulders.

This cannot be a cycle. A cycle ends maybe after a decade at the most.

Because of the way football has changed, our pros are often well remunerated and this has become a stick to beat them with.

The young talents are rewarded with massive contracts while the ageing pros look for one last big payday before they retire. This is the norm.

Unfortunately these very same players, when donning national colours cannot seem to put 4 passes together.

Coaches have changed, the President’s left, yet the players remain the same. Maybe that is the best we’ve got.

Maybe we are on the same level as Bhutan, Nepal and Mongolia.

Maybe we should just stop lying to ourselves about how good we are.

Stop being delusional.

At least we won’t be too disheartened after the 2-1 defeat against Lebanon.

Next up, world beaters Bhutan.

Good luck Malaysia.